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Health Innovation Week

Health Innovation Week is a series of interactive events that encourage creation, learning and collaboration by showcasing the innovations that have the power to transform the Irish healthcare system and build a better health service. eHealth Ireland, with their partners, will host these free events to inspire all of us to make sense of the challenges that we face in healthcare.

It doesn‘t matter if you are a clinician, a researcher, a service user or a student - there is something for everyone!

See how Health Innovation Week 2016 unfolded with our online digital magazine and don‘t forget to check out our Flickr account for more amazing photos!

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Showcasing events for Health Innovation Week

Digital Natives Competition

Awards presented to the finalists on the 23rd October

Unlocking The ‘Digital Thread’

20th of October 2017

eHealth Innovation Challenge

21st & 22nd of October 2017

Innovation Showcase

23rd of October 2017

HIMSS Executive Leadership Summit
with KPMG

24th of October 2017

eHealth Ireland Ecosystem

25th of October 2017

HSE Leadership “Office Hours”

23rd of October 2017

Making Connections

21st, 23rd & 25th of October 2017


20th-25th of October 2017


Timeline of our showcase events

  • 20th of October

    Unlocking The ‘Digital Thread’

    The Digital Health domain has experienced significant growth and is estimated to grow exponentially in value by 2020. This seminar explores the opportunities, challenges and next steps associated with electronic health (eHealth) within the health management landscape.

  • 21st & 22nd of October

    eHealth Innovation Challenge

    The eHealth Innovation challenge is a two day hackathon open to the health community to ideate and innovate eHealth solutions. The event will be held over the weekend of 21st of October in collaboration with eHealth Ireland, Oracle & Accenture. The main goal of this whole weekend hackathon is to enable eHealth to be a driver in facilitating the solving of some of the challenges we face in health.

  • 23rd of October

    Innovation Showcase

    The Innovation Showcase will demonstrate to the public, the progress in the creation of a digital fabric that is transforming the Irish healthcare system. eHealth Ireland will take over the Printworks for a special one- day exhibition, presentations and series of workshops to reveal highlights of eHealth projects in Ireland and showcase the leading digital and connected technologies, which will revolutionise Irish healthcare by 2030.

  • 24th of October

    HIMSS Executive Leadership Summit

    This exclusive summit will include key note addresses and expert-led panel discussions on the latest in health IT policy and implementation. More than 100 attendees are expected, and the agenda will cover key issues they face amidst the multi-million Euro plan to provide Ireland and Northern Ireland with a digital health service.

  • 25th of October

    eHealth Ireland Ecosystem

    The eHealth Ireland Ecosystem will meet on the 25th October in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Lane, to consider the existing projects in Ireland that empower patients to manage their own treatment, and to highlight the ways that patients should be involved in the innovation process.

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